Richardson Fence Pros is dedicated to bringing the widest variety of material choices for your property and when looking for the dependability of a metal fence installation, you can be sure that our experts have you covered. Through our variety of fence material choices wrought iron may not be the most popular but those who have it on their property take great pride in them and require the specialized attention and quality of the best fence company in Richardson, TX to bring reliable long-term results.

Incomparable Strength

A metal fence installation brings you a level of strength that simply can’t be matched. Aluminum brings you versatility and the capability to stand up to a variety of forces and wrought iron can withstand some of the most persistent ravages placed upon it without budging an inch. When looking for a fence company that can bring you the best in either of these material choices for your property, you can count on Richardson Fence Pros to be that source of quality. We have the necessary experience and skill needed to bring you results you can depend on.

American Gothic

Wrought iron brings a striking image to your property, and whether you have an older, mansion-like property, a commercial property or simply like the gothic architectural look of an iron fence, you can be sure that the best fence contractor in Richardson, TX has the capability to deliver. We are one of the few fencing companies in the city still working with this material in order to ensure that when you’re looking for a specific fence type, that we have the capability and required experts to provide you with quality. Whatever your choice in material, you can count on our fence builders to bring you beauty.


An aluminum fence choice on the other hand brings a more updated and modern look to your property. The capability for this particular fence installation material to provide a series of different striking appearance is apparent and you can count on the top fence company in Richardson, TX to bring you a variety of choices. With the application of an aluminum fence you have strength, beauty and reliability on your side with the capability to form fit the installation to almost any ground type. From decorative fences to privacy fence installation, you can depend on the services of Richardson Fence Pros.

Simple Maintenance

A key benefit to choosing aluminum or iron for your fence installation needs is the low level of maintenance the application requires. Wrought iron installations simply need rust protection coatings brought every few years, while aluminum can benefit with rust protection and a simple washing here and there. The level of care these require to continually look their best will ensure that you have more time to enjoy their presence than you will require to keep them there. If you need a fence contractor you can trust for these installation types, we invite you to call Richardson Fence Pros at any time.