A highly affordable and attractive fence material choice, there’s a reason why wood has been the option of choice for so many years across the country. When looking for the best fence company in Richardson, TX to bring you the installation, maintenance and repair services you need for a wood fence, you can depend on Richardson Fence Pros. We have been working with this material since we first began and bring you an unrivaled level of experience and capability when it comes to wood.

Wood Fence Installation

Turning to the local fence builders of choice to your installation needs will result in a finished product you can be proud to introduce to your neighborhood. We bring you the means to provide a variety of wood fence types, ranging from privacy fence to ranch style and everything in between. Our experts have been working with this particular material for decades and know what it takes to bring you a cheap privacy fence you can depend on, or a decorative fence that will add to the beauty of your property. Whatever your request, we bring you the results.

Wood Fence Gates

A great fence requires a beautiful gate to finish off the look and no matter the style you’re looking for, you can depend on our fence contractor in Richardson, TX to bring the best. Whether you need a simple access gate in order to navigate your property efficiently or require a full driving gate that will bring your style to the world outside, you can count on our experts. We have been bringing the variety of style and design options needed to stay at the forefront of fencing companies in the city and one service from our professionals will show you why.

Painting & Staining Options

Of course, the installation of your fence is but one part of the services we bring. We also provide you with the list of finishing touches needed to ensure that the aesthetic of your fence installation is perfect for your property. When looking for a quality painting option or a staining application that will highlight the natural beauty of your material choice, you can depend on the fence contractor we supply to bring you options. Complete the look of your fencing services with the specialized finishing touches that Richardson Fence Pros provides to your new application.

Wood Fence Cost

Wood has long been one of the more affordable materials when it comes to fence installation, yet this can drastically vary with different species of wood, the size of the property and other factors. When looking to get a better understanding of the range of wood fence cost, we invite you to make the call into our offices to speak with our fencing contractors. We are dedicated to bringing the top fence company in Richardson, TX and that includes having the options in place to ensure that you can get the perfect results for your property with a low fence cost.