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Welcome to Richardson Fence Pros, the top-rated fence company in Richardson, TX. We are your local source for quality fence installation, repair and additional services that will ensure that you have the exterior installations you can count on for the life of your property.
​Whether for a residential or commercial property, you have the access you need to the highest quality with the assistance of our experienced professionals.

About Us

We began as a small group of fence contractors in Richardson, TX and eventually grew to one of the largest in our service in a few short years. We attribute this success to the fact that we continually aim to bring the best to our clientele, to provide a service that focuses on reliability and to dedicated ourselves to a higher standard. When looking for a quality vinyl fence, chain-link, wood, iron or otherwise, you can count on the expertise that our professionals bring to your property. No matter the service, you can always depend on Richardson Fence Pros for results.

Our Services

​Every service that we provide to the city of Richardson is aimed at bringing you a quality installation or repair that you can count on. We have been long been the top fence company in Richardson, TX and attribute that position to the dedication we bring to customer satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for a simple chain-link fence, or have something more ornate in mind, you can be sure that we have the design capabilities to fulfill your every need. From a quality vinyl privacy fence to throwback wrought iron ideas, you can count on Richardson Fence Pros to deliver.

Wood Fencing

Chain-Link Fencing

Iron & Aluminum

The classic style and design of a quality wood fence is visible across the city and when looking for a quality installation and low wood fence cost, you can count on the experts at Richardson Fence Pros to provide. We have been bringing fence installation in Richardson, TX that is dedicated to quality materials, fast application and repairs you can count on, making our experts the right choice when it comes to your particular fence needs.
If you’re looking for an affordable fence installation with low maintenance cost, then looking into chain-link as your material of choice can be the right decision. Richardson Fence Pros provides you with installation services that will have a new fence in place before you know it and the reliable, quality materials needed to ensure that you can depend on your new fence to stand up to the worst of the city’s weather for years to come.
Iron and aluminum fence options bring you durability, affordability and a range of design choices. When looking for a quality fence company in Richardson, TX to bring you the installation and fence repair services you need, you can depend on the experts at Richardson Fence Pros to bring you results you can count on. We provide you with cheap privacy fence, swift installation services and so much more. If quality counts, make the call to our experts.

Gates & Access

Decks & Patio Covers

Fence Painting & Staining

A fence without a proper access point is only an outdoor wall and when looking to complete the look and utility of your property fence, you can count on Richardson Fence Pros for results. We not only bring you low installation cost but also ensure that you have the means to affordable options when it comes to any of the accessories needed for your property fence.
If you’re looking for an effective way to be able to utilize your outdoor installations in all weather types, then looking to a patio cover can be the results you need. We also bring you the deck installation and repair services needed to extend the usable space you have outside. When contacting the best fence company in Richardson, TX you have the access you need to a variety of services in order to bring the best possible results.
After your fence installation or repairs are complete, the options that we bring to your property don’t end. We provide you with quality fence painting and staining services that will handle all of your outdoor installations. When looking to completely personalize your new or freshly repaired fence, you can be sure that the top fence company in Richard, TX has your needs covered. With just a simple phone call, you have a world of possibilities at hand for your property.


Bringing an effective means of communication between our clients and our professionals is important to us. This is why we bring you a phone service that is free of interruption and focuses on getting you in touch with the right expert immediately. No matter the time of our business operation that you call, or the reason for your choice to contact us, you can depend on fast and effective customer service. When the quality of the company matters just as much as the quality of the products delivered, we invite you to pick up the phone and call Richardson Fence Pros.

“When looking for a fence company near me, the name Richardson Fence Pros kept popping up. I decided to give them a call for my fence installation and was glad I did. They were attentive and results-driven in every aspect of their delivery and the results were perfect.” – Logan V.

“I had a simple question when I called Richardson Fence Pros, how much does a fence cost? They patiently brought me a plethora of information regarding the services they offered, and the wood fence cost I was looking for. I highly recommend taking the time if you need a fence.” – Bill F.

“Richardson Fence Pros is the best in fence companies near me. I needed a fast repair to my security gate and they were highly responsive. I gave them the information over the phone and had an expert on my property handling the issue the same day.” – Paul G.